What is the Deal With Calcium Supplements and Constipation?

OK, I admit it. For the longest time, I absolutely hated taking calcium supplements for the simple fact that it backed me up so bad it just wasn't worth it. The pain, the bloating, the gas, the fact that I desperately wanted to poop but couldn't, or when I finally did, my back end was ... sore.

Thinking I wasn't getting enough water, I drank more water. Literally, sucked it down like I'd never see it again.

Still constipated, but peeing all the time.

So, I considered that perhaps I needed more fiber. I added more salad, more fiber, more bran, and continued drinking water like a fish.

Now, I was peeing all the time and *really* had to poop...but ... couldn't.

So, I talked to my doctor, who advised me to switch from Calcium Carbonate to Calcium Citrate. "Keep up with the fiber and water," she said.

No change. Still peeing gallons. And at this point, I'm really reconsidering taking the calcium.

The other day, I actually saw an Oprah which I had tivoed from a week or two before.

The solution, said Dr. Oz, Oprah's physician: take magnesium with the calcuim.

The good doctor says that calcium is like concrete and the magnesium will loosen things up. (Although, he says you'll get a 'little' constipation with a calcium-only regimen, but I disagree on the 'little' part.)

I had my doubts. But after a week, I have to say, this works. I still don't understand exactly why it works, but it does. And I don't have to drink gallons of water every day.

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