Save Money Buying Bulk Birthday Cards

Women, particularly moms in general, have little time, and lots of friends to buy birthday cards for. If you think how many people you know off the top of your head, you probably know a lot more than you realize: the person who boards your dog, your children's teacher, the Sunday school lady who plays piano in your church group, the soccer coach, and just other moms in general. And all of them have birthdays.

As a mom, you've gotta stretch that dollar as far as you can. And birthday cards can get expensive. Think about it. Most cards these days cost around $3.50 to $4.00 apiece if you purchase them in a store. Not to mention the time it takes to pick them out, all while you've got kids running around you, or bored to death, or whining that they don't want to be in the store.

One easy to save money and to avoid the pain of the card store is to buy birthday cards in bulk online and store them until you need them. A tip: look for businesses that cater to other businesses to find the best deal on buying items in bulk.

Cards Direct has a great assortment pack of birthday cards that you can purchase that includes 5 designs of 10 cards each.
Birthday Cards's the really cool part: you can personalize these cards however you want. So, you can get the return address pre-printed on the envelope to save you even more time. Because CardsDirect is a company that caters mostly to businesses, you can get such great deals on cards.

This kind of out-of-the-box thinking can save you some big dollars. Give it a try.

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