Managing Your Car Loans

With all of the housing loan woes of today and the economy looking being one of the most sluggish since the 1980's, people all over the US are looking for more ways to save a little money AND their credit. One of the biggest expenses most people have next to their rent or their mortgage is their car loan.

There is help, however. Many women do not know that it is possible to refinance their car loan. What this means is that a new lender will take over your original loan. Many times, you can get a better deal on your interest rate which, over the life of the loan could save you thousands. This is also something you may need to do in the event of a divorce in order to get your ex-spouses name off of the loan.

If you realize you do need to get a Car Refinance, you may wish to take a look at the Finance Genius web site. I particularly like the calculators they have including the auto finance calculator so you can see what you really spend, a calculator to figure your debt to income ratio, and the impact of only paying the minimum on your credit cards.

I very much believe it is time for women to take a personal stand in their finances. Being in the know about how your money is spent gives you power. And as women, we need all the power we can get.

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