Moving Things With the Mind – For Real

Fascinating story on today about a company called NeuroSky who claims to be the first company to allow people to control objects with their mind. I've listened to BrainWave music for years now, which is music that will change the waves of the brain to help you relax, sleep or concentrate.

What is sad is that the company is wasting their technology on reality TV. (Although I will say it is a great way to get publicity for your company.) I can see many uses for this brain wave technology for those who are disabled. Imagine being able to move your wheelchair even though you are a quadraplegic. Or, even more basic: allow those unable to communicate an easier way to do so.

I see a tremendous value of this in the health field, particularly for people with mental illnesses. Neurofeedback has been used to treat ADHD in kids whose medications has too many side effects with some success, but the treatments have usually had to be done at a doctors office, or with an expensive machine. According to the NeuroSky store, you can have your own machine for $200, a bargain when you look at how much it costs to go back and forth to the therapy office. I've personally used The Wild Divine biofeedback game to help me learn what it feels like to relax and to concentrate with success, so this new game is something I'm interested in trying.

Will this technology perhaps be able to help people with depression understand more what it feels like to be happy? Who knows?

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