How Often Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Replace Mascara?

Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly mascara. Think of all the bacteria you have on your skin and then think how often you touch your brushes to your face. We wouldn’t go a week without washing our hands, why do we wait so long with our makeup brushes?

I admit to being bad about this, mainly because I don’t often bother with makeup. I am, however, a mascara lover.

According to the CDC, you should replace your mascara at least once every 3 months. To make this easier, I’ve started putting the “throw out by” date on the mascara with a marker so when that date rolls around I know to get new mascara.

With makeup brushes, it is recommended to wash them at least once a week if they are for powder applications, and every day for liquid makeup such as concealer, foundation, lip products and cream eye shadow. (Although, what may be simpler still is to apply some of those with a clean finger!)

To wash your brushes, simply use some mild shampoo and roll it in your hand until it lathers. Then, rinse under water until the water runs clear. I’ve also heard that you can use a mix of vinegar and water to wash your brushes, though I’ve never personally tried it.

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