ACK! I Cracked My Toe!

Ouch! After tripping over the dog on my way through the kitchen, I nailed the wall with my foot. After the pain didn't go away after an hour, I made an appointment for the doctor. Sure enough, the x-ray revealed there was a hairline crack in my toe that appeared to be a minor 'scratch' on the bone. (I was actually rather peeved the crack wasn't more evident because it SURE HURT!)

I asked the doc what to do about this, and really there wasn't much. But she did suggest the following:

  1. Buddy tape the toe: That is, you tape the toe to the next toe to keep the broken toe from moving so much. (After doing this and experiencing more pain, however, she said maybe in my case I shouldn't do it.
  2. Wear flat, hard soled shoes: a hard surface prevents the foot from bending so much and allows the toe to heal.
  3. And, of course the obvious: stay off the foot if you can for 5 to 7 weeks. So much for training for the triathlon this summer.

Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot you can do. Wait it out. So, I wait. In the meantime, I will put together that triathlon training schedule and let you all know.

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