5 Ways to Remove Plastic (BPA) From Your Life

The newest health concern is a study that bisphenol A-- or BPA may lead to diabetes and heart disease. Past animal studies have suggested reproductive and hormone-related problems from BPA.

The American Chemistry Council defends BPA saying that BPA is safe to continue using.

Just wait until Oprah does a show on this.

I find it interesting that after the report was published yesterday going on and on about the scares of BPA, today those reports are edited to stress that plastic products containing BPA is safe and to continue use.

OK, so perhaps plastic is safe to use, but for the rest of us who don't want to risk it and who want to save the environment in the process, here are some things we can do to limit our use of plastic.

  1. Choose waxed paper instead of plastic sandwich bags. You can even get sandwich bags that are made from waxed paper, but you do have to look.
  2. Avoid water in plastic bottles. Throw out your plastic water bottles and invest in some aluminum water bottles and a good water filter. Yes, they are expensive, but you will use them for the rest of your days.
  3. When freezing things, try to use butcher paper to wrap your food in instead of plastic freezer bags. (Check to insure that you have butcher paper that is not coated in plastic. The way you can tell is to take your fingernail and scrape. If you can scrape off wax, you'll know it is not plastic lined.)
  4. Make sure you buy baby food that is canned in cans or is stored in glass jars. Or, if you can spare the time and energy, make your own and can it.
  5. Buy your milk in paper or glass containers. Yes, you can still buy milk in glass containers. You'll notice that your milk actually tastes different if you buy milk in the paper jugs instead of the plastic ones. It's subtle, but you'll be surprised if you ever do drink milk out of the plastic.

Now, if you you must use plastic -- and sometimes there isn't a way to get around it -- avoid the plastics with the recycling number 7 on the bottom. The FDA states that these have a higher BPA content than the rest. Also, avoid warming your food in plastic as this releases more of the chemical into your food.

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