Depression is Real Campaign

I am pleased to see a formation of a public education program to explain to Americans that depression is a real disease, and not just 'something in your head' as many people believe.
The Depression Is Real public education campaign is sponsored by The American Psychiatric Foundation (a philanthropic and educational subsidiary of the American Psychiatric Association), the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the National Medical Association, the National Mental Health Association and the National Urban League and is made possible through the support of Wyeth.

Studies have shown that most people do not understand that depression is a biological disease, and instead believe that depression is a sign of 'being weak' or getting old. Personally, I felt the same way for many years: I believed that if I could just 'be happy' and 'get over it', I'd feel better. I learned later that I was depressed because my hormones were not in balance. When I got that straightened out, it was like night and day.

Depression, feeling anxious, or feeling like life is so hopeless you just want to die is not something you can just 'think your way better' with. You can't just tell yourself 'be happy' and get over it: that's like saying you can heal a broken leg just by gritting your teeth and telling yourself to 'get better.'

More information on Depression is Real Campaign as well as resources for depression:

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