Depressed People Can’t Concentrate — Duh.

OK, I usually try to keep this blog fairly upbeat and not rant about things, but this study just made me shake my head.

I love when there is a study that states the obvious. In recent study by North Dakota graduate student Holly Dannewitz, it was determined -- big shocker here -- that

... depressed medication users performed worse on tests of concentration and scanning than people not on any medication at all.

Well no kidding. Anyone who has been depressed could tell you that one of the biggest hassles to deal with about depression is the fact that you're a space cadet. I know when I was depressed, couldn't think, I couldn't take care of myself, and frankly, I didn't give a damn about anything.

Not to mention the fact that the Mayo Clinic, states that one of the major symptoms of depression is 'trouble focusing and concentrating.'

Here's another thing to consider: were the people not on medication depressed? Or were they not depressed? The article doesn't say. If the control group were the non depressed then one has to consider that the DEPRESSION is causing the spaciness. But hey, I'm no doctor.

The test focused on people's behavior behind the wheel. Here's another folly with the test: most of the people who took the test were in their 20's. Not the best age to look for safe drivers, though better than looking for teenagers or those over 70.

One more thing about the study that disturbed me was the fact that the people were taking different types of medications. AND, some of those in the study were taking many different types of medication including medications that were not antidepressants.

[Those in the study] also could have been taking other medication in addition to antidepressants, and a couple of the study subjects were taking up to 10-12 medications, says Dannewitz.

Hmmm. Let's see. If you're drugged out of your mind, you might be a worse driver behind the wheel. There's a stretch.

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2 responses to “Depressed People Can’t Concentrate — Duh.”

  1. Rebekah S.

    This is a terrible study. I’m so glad that you commented on it. Very funny observation. Definitely had to have been done by a non-depressed person. :)


  2. Aline

    “Would you really want to have brain surgery [done by] someone who is really depressed, or would you rather have them on an antidepressant, or no medication at all?”

    I apreciate the research effort but, really, what kind of dumb statement is this? What are depressed people on antidepressants now? A danger to society? What’s the next step, lock them up? Of course I think it’s important to look into depression and antidepressants but let us not take this out of hand, please!


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