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Scientific American Article on Vitamin D

My friend Trisha at Ideas for Women, pointed out a great article on Scientific American about Vitamin D. It’s a little long — 6 pages of small type — so you might want to print it off. The article goes into the new studies and developments scientists are finding out about this vitamin and it […]

What is the Deal With Calcium Supplements and Constipation?

OK, I admit it. For the longest time, I absolutely hated taking calcium supplements for the simple fact that it backed me up so bad it just wasn’t worth it. The pain, the bloating, the gas, the fact that I desperately wanted to poop but couldn’t, or when I finally did, my back end was […]

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

At my last visit to the doctor for my annual physical, my doctor ran a blood test and told me I was deficient for vitamin D.  The lab test told me that a normal “bottom level” of Vitamin D in someone was 32 ng/ mL, and my level was a “20.8 ng/mL”.  (I’m not sure […]