All about depression and what causes it.

Diagnosing Love, Energy: A Bi-Polar Story

If you have a loved one with mental illness or, specifically bipolar disorder, this film will resonate with you. Katie Hayes is a 28 year old free lance photographer who recently interviewed photographer and activist Charlie Ward. Katie made a short film documentary about her sister’s experience with bi-polar disorder. While I have never had [...]

Side Effects of Symbyax

OK, so far, I’ve not had too many side effects with this medication. The one I have had is overeating. I don’t have a weight problem: usually I eat until I am full and then stop. Well, somehow that “full feeling” is delayed and I don’t feel full until much later. And then I feel [...]

I’m Back on Depression Meds and I Hate it

I’m Back on Depression Meds and I Hate it

A few weeks ago, I had an episode of depression that was lower than low. I didn’t want to get out of bed, or for that matter, do anything. My entire body felt numb. And, I had dreams of squelching a cigarette out on my arm. (No, I didn’t do that, but the fact it [...]

Depressed People Can’t Concentrate — Duh.

Depressed People Can’t Concentrate — Duh.

OK, I usually try to keep this blog fairly upbeat and not rant about things, but this study just made me shake my head. I love when there is a study that states the obvious. In recent study by North Dakota graduate student Holly Dannewitz, it was determined — big shocker here — that … [...]

Depression is Real Campaign

I am pleased to see a formation of a public education program to explain to Americans that depression is a real disease, and not just ‘something in your head’ as many people believe. The Depression Is Real public education campaign is sponsored by The American Psychiatric Foundation (a philanthropic and educational subsidiary of the American [...]

Why I Finally Got Treatment For Depression

For me, depression was a day in and day out gloom. I didn’t understand why people wanted to go out and do stuff because frankly, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and stare into space. I rarely laughed, and when I did, I did it to please other people. My mind [...]