My Experience with Acupunture

This is me, all needled up for my acupuncture session. If you look closely, you can just see the one in my ear!
My first experience with acupuncture was about a year ago. I basically went in as a disbeliever, a skeptic. I now know this eastern treatment does work.

But let me tell you how I came up to the decision where I decided to go with acupuncture.

For a little over a year, I had been struggling with what is known as cubital tunnel syndrome. It is very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, except that it starts in the elbows. As a web programmer, I often use the keyboard to type: in fact, it is not uncommon for me to type for 8 hours a day.

The pain in my forearms became so bad, that I could barely hold onto a fork to eat. In desperation, I went to a doctor that specialized in sports medicine. After about a month of tests, which included everything from x-rays to a $600 MRI that the insurance didn't tell me that wouldn't cover until after the MRI had been done (!), the doctors could find absolutely nothing wrong with my elbows or my arms. They gave me some arm braces and advised I start physical therapy as well as taking medicine to control the pain.

The medicine I took was to extra strength Aleve twice a day. Basically, it was enough that I was concerned about my liver and my stomach lining, even though the doctor said it was perfectly safe. I was also concerned that I would have to take medication forever.

I did physical therapy twice a week for about 6 months, and had little change. The next step the doctor said, was that I would have to get surgery on both elbows. At this point, I was desperate enough to even agree to it, however, I wanted to know that I did everything in my power to try and find a cure before I went to surgery.

This was how I came to try acupuncture. "Once it doesn't work," I thought,"Then I'll be ok with getting surgery."

Admittedly, I was really skeptical about the whole thing. I had expected to come into an office that looked more like a fortune teller's studio, complete with burning incense, red walls and wierd tinny sounding Chinese music playing in the background. I braced myself for the worst.

Not so. When I arrived at his office, I was pleasantly surprised to see that looked very similar to every other doctors office I've ever been to. Dr Kim looking like every other doctor I've ever seen, dressed in suit pants, a button-down shirt and a white lab coat. Thank God.

I filled up the necessary paperwork and stepped on the scale to take my weight and height. Then he asked to see my tongue, and told me that the state of the tongue held a lot of information about the health of the individual. We sat down to discuss my case, and he asked me how long I had had the problem. I told him I had my problem for over a year, and was concerned if he could help me. I asked him how long it would take, and figured it'd be at least a year of treatment. He said he could probably fix me in 6 to 12 sessions. "Yeah, right," I thought.

He explained to me that there are energy centers all over the body, and every energy center will affect every other energy enter. He showed me photographs of people who came in with large gaping wounds that had been healed only with acupuncture, and told me that even Cancer could be sent into remission, and insisted that all disease was due to the energy centers being disturbed.

I figured that I'd try this for 6 sessions. At $50 a session, it was a lot cheaper than the physical therapy and all the other stuff I tried, even when insurance paid their bit of it. If I felt absolutely no difference in 6 sessions, I'd give up on it.

I lay down on the table and he propped my arms up a little bit with towels. He told me not to be afraid, that the needles really wouldn't hurt. Since the needles are about the same diameter as a human hair, he said most people don't feel most of the needles going in or feel the needles after they are in the skin.

He was right: when he placed the needles in my shoulders and arms it only felt like someone was taking an ink pen and pressing up against my skin and tapping it. If they did hurt, it was only for a second or two and then the pain went away. I was relieved to know that this was not going to be a painful experience.

Then, he gently squeeze different parts of my ears between his thumb and forefinger and asked me to tell him if it hurt. He tried several places and I didn't feel anything. And then -- and I will never forget this -- he squeezed one part of my right ear and I screamed out in surprise: not only did my ear hurt where he squeezed it, but my left ring-finger toe felt like it had been shocked.

"How did you do that?" I asked.

"It's all connected," he replied.

'OK,' I thought, as he put needles in my ears, 'maybe this isn't a bunch of hippy dippy crap.'

He hooked me up to some electrical devices that would send pulses through the needles and into my arms. He told me not to move and then I lay there for 30 minutes while the machines did their work. And that was basically it. I didn't feel a significant difference in my arms, but then I didn't figure I would.

The next week we had the same routine. I got weighed, we talked about my case, he put the needles in and hooked me up to the machine. The day after this second session, however, there was a significant decrease in pain in my arms. I couldn't believe it. I had been working with traditional doctors for well over a year and they couldn't do anything and this man had taken away much of my pain in only two sessions. I was actually excited.

After five sessions, the pain in my arms was completely gone. And, the entire time that I had taken these treatments, I really didn't change any of my behaviors. I continued to type at my job.

I cannot say that one month of treatment has completely cured me, but I usually only have to go in for 'tuneups' about once every six months. But, it only takes two or three sessions and I'm back to being healthy again.

I am now a believer in the power of acupuncture. I wish I could explain this, but I can't. I went into this completely as a skeptic, and it worked better than any other treatment I've ever had. And, at $50 a session, it has been by far the best bang for the buck.

If you'd like to get an appointment with Dr. Bruce Kim he is located in Lewisville, TX near I-35 off of Hebron Parkway. His contact information is here:
Office: 972-315-1584
Mobile: 214-223-5588

Bruce Kim, L.Ac.
860 Hebron Parkway Suite #601
Lewisville Texas, 75057

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  1. pet-health-pro

    Hi! I am glad that this form of treatment has helped you becoming pain free again. I am providing acupuncture for pets and know that it does work, as my patients will not pretend. However, not all respond to it in the same way and sometimes not at all. I am convinced it helps in a lot of cases and where conventional therapy does not help any more or would have too many side-effects. Acupuncture is amongst alternative therapies and treatments the best researched modality and is being accepted by human and veterinary professionals and pet insurance companies start to cover this form of treatment, too.


    Heather Reply:

    Good to know you! Pet chiropractors and Acupuncturists are few and far between, though it seems the field is growing.


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  3. Sara Schroedl

    I too started Acupunture a skeptic. But it really did me wonders I never knew could happen. Dr. Z. Mao at the Lu-Jean Feng Clinic (Cleveland, OH area) is the Chinese doctor I have gone to for nearly 2 years, every 6-8 weeks. I am an athlete and my long distance bicycling, hiking, and running and the body can get some aches and pains. Acupunture takes care of it all, everytime. The wonderful energy I receive from acupunture is priceless! But my most profound experience with acupunture came when a lifelong dear friend died very suddenly. I went into shock, grief, then began spiraling into depression. I just couldn’t shake the saddness, the great sense of loss in my life. I was just about ready to go see a pychiatrist, I was afraid I would soon end up in a hospital from this grieving I could not shake off. Then I thought, \I wonder if acupunture could do anything for this?\ I googled the question, and indeed yes. I immediately called Dr. Mao. He was able to get me in that very afternoon. I walked in and was a bit embarassed to tell him how much grief I was experiencing, I had tears streaming down my face. He assured me he could help. There has been nothing so dramatic in all my life as when I was finished with that ONE treatment. I got up off the treatment table and I had such a renewed sense of being, I can not describe it. I walked out of there with smiles. And not for one moment since have I had this ‘grief cloud’ that dominated my body, mind and spirit. Immediately I could think of my loved one with a joy in my heart. The tears were gone, I could go on. And to this day, nearly a year later I am still in awe how acupunture can heal deep grieving, and sadness!


  4. Ali

    I do not usually do this; but I came to your website for information on why my knees hurt when bike riding. You saved my knees, so I went to the acupuncture discussion. I absolutely agree! For 2 years I suffered from carpal tunnel and medial nerve problems in both arms, hands and fingers. After taking off work (I type all day), advil (daily), physical therapy (twice), cortisone shots (1), I tried acupuncture. I was skeptical but my acupuncturist (Andy Lee in Santa Clarita, CA) answered all my questions. After a couple sessions I was finally pain free and even when my WC insurance stopped paying for him, I pay the $50 per session once a month for maintenance. I can do my job! I was at the point where my doctor said \you’ll be back\ and I would most like have gone on disability. With Andy Lee’s advice, I am bike riding for cardio, doing pilates for strengthening, trying to eat right and get plenty of rest. At 50 I am heading for the best health I’ve ever been. Along with the hand and arm problems I developed plantars fascitiis too, acupuncture and exercise is helping. Andy taught me that we must be proactive in our own health and fitness. Until I was pain free, I didn’t realize what it was doing to my life. Acupunture rocks!


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